Gay Musician Milan Christopher shows bare butt in french magazine


It doesn’t seem to be a big deal when women and “straight” men expose sensitive parts of their bodies without criticism, however, it becomes a big thing when a “gay” man does same.

Gay ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star and rapper, Milan Christopher showed off his bare butt while posing on the cover of French magazine, Bon Appetit.

According to Milan, he feels he has to be a good role model for the millions of gay black men who may neither be out nor comfortable with their sexuality.

He called the hip-hop community “super homophobic,” (including music and TV producers and directors).

Despite being on the cover of The New York Times, The L.A. Times (twice) and appearing on both Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams’ talk shows, Milan says that the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards has never invited him to do perform.

“It’s like, this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of hip hop music and you didn’t make a place for me because I’m gay?” he said, presumably referring to his fame as an out hip-hop artist. “I felt very disrespected by that.”

Milan Christopher had earlier done a nude photo shoot for NSFW PAPER magazine.

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